Inventory: Recording a lab result and uploading COA's

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Flourish allows you to create lab samples and record lab test results against your inventory. The screen below shows the upload COA screen.

There are two ways to upload lab results:

  • Directly using the All Packages Screen.
  • Using the lab results screen.
(METRC Only) Flourish is now able to reverse sync all lab test data directly from METRC. For all packages that are in Test Passed status, you should be able to see all the lab test data.

Record Lab Results directly - using the All Packages Screen.

The first and the recommended way is to upload a result directly using the All Packages Screen.

  1. Find the package.
  2. Select Action.
  3. Select Record a lab result.

This will populate the Record Lab Results Screen with the package selected (see below). You can now upload the result to the individual Package or the entire Lot by selecting Lot number.

Flourish recommends applying lab results to Lots since that action will apply all packages under the Lot.
If this package is locked, allocated, or otherwise unavailable: you will not be able to record a lab result.

Record Lab Results - using the Lab Results tab.

The second way is done in the Lab Results tab. The steps below pop up the same screen as above, but you will be prompted to select the package or the batch to apply the result. To get there:

  1. Go to the Inventory Module.
  2. Select Lab results>All Lab results at the top.
  3. Select the Actions button on the right
  4. Choose the Record a lab result option.

Things you should know

  • You can upload Lab Results to Lots or individual packages. Applying a lab result to a lot is recommended since all packages belonging to that lot will inherit the lab results.
  • The Expiring Packages Report looks at the Sample Analyzed Date on the lab results and defaults the package's expiration date to a year after the Sample Analyzed Date.
  • Flourish auto generates a list of standard rows like TAC%, THC%, CBD%, etc. You can manually add a Test Name to the row using the Add Test Row Button or by clicking on an existing Test and then the '+Add New' button.
  • You can upload the PDF of the lab test using the Upload Lab Result PDF Button highlighted in green on the right side of the screen.
  • Ensure to fill in all the relevant info needed like - Toggles for Pesticides, Solvents, Heavy Metals, Lab, Lab Test ID, Sample Analyzed Date, Lab Test Expiration Date, and URL as needed.
  • Mark the result as Pass, Fail, or In Progress.
  • Hit Save to save the lab result.

Now the lab result is saved. Access the lab results by clicking on the package highlighted Green or using the Lab Results Page.

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