External and Internal Items

The Flourish Item Master is a list of all items within Flourish across your company instance. Items are typically created within Flourish, but sometimes items will come in through an integration. For example, for METRC customers, an incoming transfer with an item that isn't in Flourish comes into your facility, Flourish creates that item upon receiving it within METRC. In cases like this, it may be necessary to create an internal item within Flourish to be able to perform certain actions such as splitting packages.

Packages of external Items have limitations on what can be done with those packages. The only actions you will be able to complete with external items in Flourish are:

1. Split - You are able to split packages up into smaller packages of that same item. For example, if you have an external item package of "Blue Dream Flower - 1000g" you can break that package up into smaller packages.

2. Combine - You can also combine packages of the same item. For example, if you have two packages of "Blue Dream Flower - 500g" you can combine them to make one large package of the same item.

3. Transfer - You are able to transfer external items to another license holder.

To view your External items, navigate to Manage Settings > Inventory > Items. Note a toggle between External and Internal items.

Best practice is to convert all external items into internal items. This accomplishes a couple of goals. First being that you are only using internal items and those are all consistent. The data and reporting will also be more consistent. The next benefit is that you are not restricted in your actions. As mentioned before, external items have limited actions items.

Once a package is in inventory as an External Item, create the new item in Flourish and convert the External item to the newly created Internal Item from the main Inventory grid. After this is complete, you will now be able to perform actions on the converted packages.

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