2022.02.22 Software Release 4.55.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.55.0


  1. Lendica Integration
    Flourish has partnered with Lendica to provide financing options to advance invoices or offer terms to your customers. Opt-in to this service to use it.
  2. Settings / Inventory
    Update item attributes in bulk with a CSV export/import. Note: Please update your user role to enable access to use this feature.
  3. Outbound
    1. Modify the Customer PO on 'Shipped' orders.
    2. Shipping manifest enhancements to include the DBA.
  4. Inventory
    Inventory counts: You can now set the areas to include in an inventory count.
  5. METRC: Ohio Clients
    Flourish will now sync the items from METRC without the prefix, which eliminates the ":" and allows items to sync to QuickBooks Online.
  6. Mobile App: Oregon Clients
    Mobile users in Oregon can split a package and set the new package as a "Trade Sample".
  7. External API
    Flourish released new API endpoints for Destinations, Vendors, Drivers, Vehicles, and Shipments and also enhanced error handling responses.


Lendica Integration

We integrated with the Lendica so that you can get paid for the outbound invoices now. Learn more here.

Settings / Inventory

Update items in bulk. Use the "Bulk Update Items" to update existing Items. Learn more here.


Modify the Customer PO on 'Shipped' orders.

You asked, and now, when you click 'Edit' on one of your Shipped sales orders, you can modify the Customer PO information.

Shipping manifest enhancements

You asked, and we include the name and DBA to the shipper, distributor, and receiver information on the PDFs.

The PDF manifests are going to contain the following, for the shipper, distributor, and receiver information:

  • LEGAL NAME: the name of the Destination.

Here is a quick example for the receiver information:


When you are conducting an Inventory Count, you can select the Areas to include in the count. Learn more here.

METRC: Ohio Clients

Flourish syncs the items from METRC without the prefix in the item name. When Flourish syncs from METRC an item named "M123...:MY ITEM", we will drop the prefix, so in Flourish, the item is called "MY ITEM". 

This feature resolves two issues:

  1. Sync items to QuickBooks Online, since QuickBooks cannot accept the ':' in an item name.
  2. Make the item creation process in Flourish Software seamless (we are working on it).

Mobile: Oregon Clients

Good news for our mobile users in Oregon. You can split a package and set the new package as a "Trade Sample".

External API

We are constantly making progress on our external API, and here are the latest updates:

  • We made the error messages clearer on a number of endpoints.
  • We added the following actions:
    • POST/PUT Destination contacts.
    • POST/PUT Vendor contacts.
    • GET Drivers and Vehicles
    • POST/PUT Shipments

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