2020.05.04 Software Release 4.11

Updated 11 months ago by Kyle Cemate


May 04, 2020




  1. Bulk Package Actions - Add to New/Existing Order
  2. Bulk Package Actions - Print Package Labels
  3. Scan Packages to add Order Lines and Allocate Packages to Outbound Orders
  4. Sellable vs Available Quantity on Outbound Orders
  5. Manufacturing Runs - Lot Number
  6. Total Packages as an Outbound Order Grid Column
  7. Calculate Excise Tax on Ordered or Allocated Quantity
  8. Performance Enhancement for Order search functionality
  9. Updated Order Invoice PDF
  10. Added DBA Field to Destinations


The first few enhancements are huge time savers for the outbound order process. You should consider using these enhancements to make your outbound workflow even faster!

  1. Bulk Package Action - Build an Order or Add to an Order

    Select multiple packages and either create a new order or add them to an existing order all at once. More details here.
  2. Bulk Print Package Labels

    We now allow you to select multiple packages and print all labels at once. More details here.
  3. Scan Packages to an Order from the Web

    Use a USB connected scanner to scan packages directly to an order on the web app. More details here.
  4. Sellable instead of Available Quantity on Outbound Orders

Tired of overselling? We got you! We have updated the Outbound Order Details grid to show you what quantity is available to sell. We have added a column next to the item that displays the Sellable quantity of the item selected. We introduced Sellable inventory on the 4/13/20 release. Sellable is quantity available to sell. Sellable = Available - On order - Allocated - Locked.

  1. Manufacturing Runs - Lot Number

Creating a manufacturing run just got a lot faster! You can now filter the available packages based on the lot number selected. To achieve this we added a lot number column to the Manufacturing Run grid. After selecting the item, then strain, you can now select from the available Lot Numbers. This will make it easier for you to select the right packages.

  1. Total Packages as an Outbound Order Grid Column

Now you can have a quick view into how many packages are allocated to an order. We added a column for the total number of packages on an order to the All Order grid. Click the radio buttons next to 'All Orders' to enable this new column.

  1. Calculate California Excise Tax on Ordered or Allocated Quantity

We added a facility configuration to chose to calculate California excise taxes on ordered quantity or allocated quantity. Subtotal will still be calculated based off ordered quantity, same as it has been.

  1. Performance enhancement for Order search functionality

All Orders grid search works much faster.

  1. Updated Order Invoice PDF

We listened to you! We have made your invoices look beautiful! The new version of the Invoice PDF is ready for your clients to drool over. Your company logos will still be included, so nothing to do there. We added a spot for the Sales Rep name to be displayed, a column for the lot number of the package/s on the order line, and at the bottom of the invoice a spot the the person receiving the product: Name, Signature, Date, and a check box for if the order was paid for.

  1. Added DBA Field to Destinations

We have made it easier for you to manage your destinations by adding a 'Doing Business As' (DBA) field to the destination profile. Add or edit the DBA from the Edit Destination screen. The DBA name will replace the destination name, if entered, in the following places:

  • Destination drop down for Outbound Orders
  • Invoice PDF
  • Packing List PDF

We also added a column on the All Orders Grid. If a DBA field is not entered, the system will use the destination name.

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