BioTrack Manifest Requirements

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Flourish ensures a shipment will successfully sync the manifest to BioTrack by enforcing the following rules:

  • Orders are assigned to the shipment
  • The orders have inventory allocated
  • All inventory assigned to the order is eligible to be transferred to the destination
  • The unit price is populated on each order line (Note: Lab Orders don't require this)
  • Valid drivers are assigned to the shipment (Note: Two are required in Connecticut)
  • A valid vehicle is assigned to the shipment
  • The shipment has a planned route populated
  • The departure date is at least 24 hours in the future
    BioTrack Connecticut Update - Click To Expand
    BioTrack has imposed a 24-hour restriction on creating a manifest for non-lab destinations without QA samples (In other words, you could only Manifest lab samples to labs without waiting 24 hours). BioTrack CT lifted this restriction, and we are updating Flourish to follow up on this action. You no longer need to set the "Approx. Arrival Date/Time" to 24 hours or more after you sync the Manifest.

Learn more about Manifesting in Flourish for BioTrack Clients.

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