2024.06.26 Software Release 4.107.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.107.0


  1. Reporting
    Introducing our refreshed Flourish Analytics.
  2. Outbound
    New York - Outbound - Manage Adult-Use Cannabis Products Tax.
  3. Retail
    1. Expired Documents Alert.
    2. Adding Delivery Fee on Retail Receipts.
    3. Adding data to the "All Purchases" screen.
  4. Cultivation
    Revive Plants Enhancement.
  5. METRC Cultivation
    Sync From METRC Enhancement.
  6. Inbound
    Removing taxes from Inbound orders.
  7. Printing
    1. Label Maker Enhancement.
    2. CYBRA MarkMagic® printing "Top Three Cannabinoids" and "Top Three Terpenes".
  8. QuickBooks Online Integration
    Enhancement on handling disabled COAs.



Introducing a refreshed Flourish Analytics

Flourish Analytics is powered by Sigma, a next-generation analytics and business intelligence. Your team can move quickly, stay in sync with live, accurate data—and make the impact they (and you) have always wanted. We are releasing a beta version of Sigma so you can experience it and send us your feedback while your current reports and dashboard are available until mid-July. We will follow up with more details when we are ready to train via the Flourish Hub. If you are not a Flourish Hub member, click here to Join the Flourish Hub!

Learn more on Reporting - Set User Access and Access Level.


NY - Manage Adult-Use Tax

Following the NY Potency Tax for adult-use cannabis products tax update, we've given you the flexibility to either automatically calculate the tax and add it to your invoices or exclude it from them. This way, you can adapt the tax calculation method that best suits your operations, ensuring a smooth transition to the new tax rate.

Learn more here: Manage Adult-Use Cannabis Products Tax


Expired Documents Alert

When you check in a customer, Flourish verifies the expiration dates of the following documents:

  • State Registry ID (Medical Card)
  • State ID (State ID)

If one or both documents are expired, the system will alert you. Learn more on Checking In a Customer.

Delivery Fee on Receipts

Some of our retail clients provide delivery, so we have included the delivery fee on the receipts to clearly indicate the total amount for the retail customers. Learn here how to Create Retail Pick Up and Delivery Orders.

Adding data to the "All Purchases" screen

Adding the "who" and "when completed" purchase columns makes it easier to audit and investigate purchases in the Retail module if necessary. Learn more about Flourish Software Retail / POS.

Adding data to the "All Purchases" screen


Revive Plants Enhancement

When you revive plants, Flourish populates the Group of the destroyed plants to make it easier for you to put your plants back where they belong. Learn more about how to Revive Plants.

METRC Cultivation

Sync From METRC Enhancement

When you click the 'Sync from METRC' button, the process streamlines data retrieval by focusing only on changes since the last sync, significantly reducing sync time. This enhancement ensures a more efficient and targeted synchronization process. Learn more about Sync cultivation Data from METRC.


Removing taxes

Due to the updated handling of excise and cultivation taxes, we have removed the tax field from inbound orders to ensure clarity and ease of processing.


Label Maker Enhancement

To assist you with configuring your labels, we have provided clear information about the data and its source (e.g. Package, Item, Lab Results, etc.). The data field and its origin are highlighted in bold, while the editable label text is contained within a box. This setup allows for easy and quick identification of the content that will be printed. Learn more about the Flourish Label Maker.

Flourish Label Maker.

CYBRA MarkMagic® Top Three Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Flourish Software saves time and reduces data entry errors by automatically populating the "Top 3 Cannabinoids" and "Top 3 Terpenes" and their respective values on CYBRA MarkMagic® printing. Flourish integrates with CYBRA MarkMagic®, enabling users to create and manage label templates in CYBRA MarkMagic®, but print them directly from Flourish.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Enhancement on handling disabled COAs.

When you disable a chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online and sync it to Flourish, the system will take steps to indicate and prevent possible sync errors. Explore the process of disabling COAs and efficiently managing the Chart of Accounts View.

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