Refresh Inventory of Non-Cannabis Items

Updated by NIr Malchy

Sometimes, you may need to refresh the inventory levels of your non-cannabis items.


The user role has the following permissions on the Inventory card:

  • Inventory/Update.
  • Actions - “Adjust inventory qty”.

Refresh Inventory Levels

Please follow the steps below to refresh the inventory levels of your non-cannabis items:

  1. Go to Inventory.
  2. Select Inventory / All Inventory to display the All Inventory: Item grid.
    "All Inventory: Item" screen.
  3. Locate the Non-Cannabis Item you want to refresh. You can use the TYPE column filter to limit the grid results:
    You can use the "TYPE" Filter
  4. Select Action / Refresh Inventory.
    Action / Refresh Inventory.
  5. Note the confirmation message.
  6. Any quantities changed on Refresh will be indicated with a small black triangle in the upper lefthand corner of the associated grid cell.

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