2022.08.23 Software Release 4.68.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

  1. In-App Notification System
    1. LeafLink integration alerts
  2. METRC
    1. Syncing cost of packages on incoming transfers
    2. METRC transfer templates support a 2nd driver in Ohio
  3. Outbound
    1. Added the Manufactured Date on the shipment manifest (AZ compliance)
    2. Performance enhancement when shipping intracompany shipments
  4. Mobile
    1. Update to the screen for scanning plant wet weights
  5. External API
    1. Support for canceling outbound orders
  6. Analytics
    Several new reports!

Notification System

Flourish's new notification engine will display important LeafLink events such as sync errors. Learn more here.


Incoming cost sync

Syncing the cost of packages on incoming wholesale transfers.

METRC started supporting package costs in states like Michigan, Oregon, and others. If you want Flourish to populate the cost per package when syncing incoming wholesale transfers from METRC, enable the facility configuration option highlighted below:

With that configuration enabled, you can see the cost on the inbound order flourish created when we sync a transfer and the package you received.

If the package has a unit cost already, this process will not overwrite it.

Here is how you do that:

  1. Go to Settings .
  2. Select .
  3. Select the facility to configure.
  4. Locate Inbound.
  5. Toggle ON .
  6. Click.
METRC transfer templates support a 2nd driver in Ohio

Ohio compliance requires that transfers have multiple drivers associated. Although METRC does not support adding a second driver to a transfer, Flourish will prepend the Planned Route with the second driver's name (if one is selected) when you generate a transfer template from a Flourish outbound shipment.

The Chrome extension has not yet been updated to similarly populate the second driver on the new transfer form.


Shipment manifest by package

Similar to the feature from the previous release, shipment manifests in Arizona will display the manufactured date of all packages on the Manifest by Package ID to satisfy compliance requirements.

Ship shipment performance enhancement

We have rebuilt the back-end process when a shipment is shipped with performance in mind. The enhancement should result in a noticeably faster experience when shipping shipments, especially between facilities within your company and with large numbers of associated orders or packages.


Update to the screen for scanning plant wet weights

We match the web app functionality; entering a ref container when recording plant wet weights for a harvest is no longer required.

External API

Support for cancelling outbound orders

It is now possible to cancel outbound orders via the PutOutboundOrder endpoint. Simply send "order_status": "Cancelled" in the request body, and the order will be updated to Cancelled status and any allocations removed automatically.


New Reports

Retail - Item sell through.

  • Please find it in Analytics / Reports / Retail - Item sell through.

The report displays data that help retailers adjust what products they buy based on how quickly they sell. With it, retailers can predict demand for a product, purchase the correct amount from suppliers and manufacturers, avoid discounting and maximize profits.

Sales - Customer Payment Details

  • Please find it in Analytics / Reports / Sales - Customer Payment Details.

This report shows customers' payment details for orders to track all payments.

Sales - Returned Packages (Non-METRC)

  • Please find it in Analytics / Reports / Sales - Returned Packages (Non METRC).

This report displays the returned package information.

Cultivation - Harvest Summary Report

  • Please find it in Analytics / Reports / Cultivation - Harvest Summary.

This report summarizes harvest information for groups showing each area each group has been in during all phases and the number of days in that area.

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