Flourish Supported Hardware, Networking, and Partners

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Supported & Recommended Hardware:

Flourish is web-based and can be accessed by almost any computer running a modern web browser. The Chrome Browser is needed to take advantage of our Chrome extension for Metrc Transfers.

For production systems using peripherals like receipt printers, label printers, scales, etc; systems running Windows 10 and 11 are the only ones supported.


  • Windows PC:
    • OS: Windows 10 & 11 are supported.
    • Minimum Hardware: 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage, 3 x USB-A, Ethernet.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - 12.3” Touchscreen
    • Minimum Hardware: 10th Gen Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory, 128GB SSD.
  • In Testing:
    • EloPOS for Windows
    • HP Engage One

Receipt Printers

  • Flourish Supports Epson Printers, must support ESC/POS.
  • Current:
  • In Testing:
    • Epson TM-M10
  • Not supported for new installations:
    • STAR: TSP-100iii & TSP-143 Thermal Receipt Printers

Label Printers

  • Flourish Support Zebra Label Printers, must support ZPL.
  • Current:
    • Zebra ZD420 (and ZD610) 4” TT/DT Transfer/Direct Transfer Label Printer (203 dpi)
    • Zebra ZD620 (and ZD610) 4” TT/DT Ethernet Label Printer (203 dpi)
    • Zebra TLP2824
    • Zebra GK420

Flatbed Scanners

Flourish does not have a scanner integration at this time. Choose a scanner that can scan to a network drive.

Handheld Scanners

  • Any 1D/2D Scanner with keyboard emulation should work. Below are specific brands and models we've had success with.
  • Zebra:
    • Current:
      • Zebra DS2208 & DS2278 Corded USB Scanner
      • Zebra DS8108 & DS8178 Corder USB Scanner
      • Zebra 9308: Great for scanning barcodes on curved surfaces
  • Other:
    • Honeywell Xenon Performance 1950g - Standard Range (SR) - Kit - barcode scanner
    • DataLogic Rida DBT6400

Device Scanners

Flourish Mobile application runs on Android OS 10 and above.

We strongly recommend Zebra handheld scanners for their superior durability with integrated scanning.


  • Zebra TC21 & TC26


  • Legacy: TC51, TC52, TC56, TC57, TC70, TC75

Weigh Scales

While not integrated, we do recommend the Ohaus Ranger 3000 Series

ID Scanners

See our IDScan.net page for specifics (Pending update)

Cash Drawers

Any Epson-compatible cash drawer.

Approved Hardware & Networking Partners:

  • DGM Networks: Hardware selection & fulfillment, Managed Network Services, VoIP, Security Camera.

Network Infrastructure:

As Flouirsh is a cloud hosted application, having a fast, reliable, and secure network infrastructure is necessary to support operations. below are best practices to provide those that environment.

  • Hardware all equipment into the network.
  • All wiring should be​ Cat5e, or higher​ cabling, shielded as necessary, and properly terminated.
  • For self-managed networks we recommend reviewing and training on PCI Merchant Resources including PCI Firewall Basics.
  • Segregated Networks, Physical (preferred) or Logically, for Retail, Payments, General Operations, and Staff.
  • Minimum Bandwidth recommendations:

Number of Registers

Download Speed

Upload Speed

1 - 10 Registers, Up to 250 orders/day 

50 Mbps

20 Mbps

11+ Registers, 1000+ orders/day 

100 Mbps

30 Mbps

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