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Flourish offers the ability to create and complete a "quick sale" in the retail point of sale application, bypassing the customer profile creation process and customer queue for a retail transaction.


There is no Flourish customer associated with the order using this functionality, so please consider the following important limitations! Consult your state compliance guidelines to determine if this is within compliance.
  1. There is no traceability within Flourish that ties the purchase and any allocated inventory to a customer, thus purchase limits are only enforced on a per-purchase basis.
  2. Customer identification and verification will be the responsibility of the personnel in the retail facility, and it must be handled entirely outside of Flourish.
  3. Because the purchase cannot be tracked back to a Flourish customer, the purchaser will not accrue order history or loyalty points.
  4. The purchase will not be eligible for discounts that target customers by specific attributes.
  5. Tracking down a specific quick sale for returns and in reporting becomes much more challenging without having an associated customer to search. You will need to search by receipt (order) number.


The configuration toggle to Enable quick sales must be turned on for your facility. This configuration option is not currently available in the web application, so please contact Flourish support if you wish to enable quick sales for your facility.

Creating a Quick Sale

  1. To create a quick sale, find the Quick Sale option listed below the facility name in the top right of the point of sale application window. Click on it, and you will be taken to an empty shopping cart for a newly created in-store purchase.

Quick sales are only supported for in-store purchases. Pickup and delivery orders must have a Flourish customer associated with the order.
  1. When you arrive at the shopping cart, it will look nearly identical to a typical Flourish point of sale purchase, except that the customer info section that usually appears above the list of available items now simply shows Quick Sale. Both cannabis and non-cannabis items will be available to add to the cart.
  2. Build the cart as you normally would, adding items on the left side of the page (or scanning packages), and the cart will populate on the right side. There is no change to the check out flow, except that customer credit will not be an available payment method.

Finding a Quick Sale

Quick sales are visible in the Sales History grid in the point of sale application, as well as on the All Purchases grid in the web application. Flourish prints the PURCHASE ID on the receipt, so if the client  customer returns the receipt, use the PURCHASE ID to locate the purchase. You can also find the purchase by completed timestamp and amount on the sales receipt.The CUSTOMER and STATE REGISTRY/PATIENT ID cells will be empty.

Refunding a Quick Sale

If a customer wishes to return a purchase that was completed as a quick sale, Here is how you can find the purchase.

Customer credit is not available as a refund method for a quick sale return. Ensure you have another way to refund purchases that is not Customer credit.

If there are no available payment methods for the refund, you will encounter the error message shown below.

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