METRC Issues response and instructions - December 2023

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Dear METRC users,

We want to bring your attention to recent developments and updates that may impact your experience with METRC integration. Please read the following information carefully for insights into recent issues and steps to address them effectively.

New Item Creation Issues

(Effective 12/7/2023)

Starting December 7, 2023, we identified challenges in creating new items via METRC's API across all integrated states. Rest assured, our team promptly notified METRC's experts, who are actively engaged in resolving this matter. 

  • If you encounter out-of-sync items, we recommend utilizing the "Sync Now!" button in the item's State Eligibility tab.
  • Moreover, if you need to create new items, we suggest the following:
    • Create the item in METRC
    • Utilize our "Sync from METRC" tool to sync the item into Flourish. 
Transfer Template Creation Issues

(Resolved as of 12/8/2023)

Earlier this week, METRC introduced unexpected changes affecting the ability to create a Transfer Template via the API. We are pleased to inform you that as of December 8, our dedicated engineering team has successfully deployed a fix. Moving forward, clicking "Create Transfer" should yield the expected results. If you are dealing with out-of-sync shipments, here is how you sync the shipment and create the transfer template in METRC

Monitoring and Updates

Our team is closely monitoring the situation. We will update as necessary to keep you informed of any further developments. We appreciate your patience and understanding as METRC addresses these service-related issues.

Thank you for being so cooperative.

Any questions?

Please contact the Flourish Software Team.

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