Analytics: Dashboard Overview

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Dashboards are a collection of reports and insights built to better help you run operations. The dashboards available to view for your instance are determined by your facility type. Enable or disable dashboards using standard Roles and Permissions.

Facility License





A set of reports to monitor compliance related data.

  • Package Adjustments
  • Outgoing Transfers (metrc)
  • Incoming Transfers (metrc)
  • Expiring Lab Results
  • Expiring Customer Licenses


Wholesale Sales

A set of reports for B2B or wholesale sales.

  • Current month sales including taxes, charges, discounts
  • Previous month sales including taxes, charges, discounts
  • Total sales YTD
  • Net Sales for current month
  • Net Sales for previous month
  • Net sales YTD
  • Sales subtotals by month
  • Total item sales (number of distinct active items)
  • Distinct customers within the date-range (shipped only)
  • New packages created in the period
  • Total number of orders (shipped only)
  • Top 10 Customers (over the date period)
  • Sales by Sales Representative (over the period)
  • Sales by Facility Type (over the period)
  • Sales by Item Category (over the period)
  • Sales by Facility Customer type (over the period)
  • Customer destination by Zip Code (over the period)



A set of reports about cultivation operations.

  • Current number of plants (excludes Processing or Destroyed plants)
  • Number of plants created YTD
  • Number of pounds harvested over the period
  • Number of pounds packaged YTD
  • Number of plants by strain (excludes Processing or Destroyed plants)
  • Number of plants by phase
  • Survival rate by strain (over the time period)
  • Plant count by room (current)
  • Number of plants created by strain (monthly, limited by selected range)



A set of reports centered around Flourish's Manufacturing module.

  • Total processing time in minutes (over the period)
  • Total Inputs by Item
  • Total outputs by Item
  • Total package quantities by category
  • Number of manufacturing runs completed in the period
  • Total manufacturing runs by type (regardless of status)



A set of reports about retail operations.

  • Sales by Vendor
  • Orders by Status
  • Sales by Item Category
  • Sales by Hour
  • Sales Numbers/Discounts
  • Item Sales by Vendor
  • Received & Sold by Vendor (monthly)
  • Sales by Employee
  • Customers by Zip Code
  • Customer Traffic by Hour of the Day (new)


Inventory Summary

Total On-Hand Inventory overview.

  • Total On-Hand Price
  • Total On-Hand Cost
  • Total Inventory by Class
  • Total Inventory by Category
  • Top 50 Items by Quantity
  • Inventory Quantities by Brand
  • Inventory Quantities by Strain

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